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Real Estate Phrase Finder featuring The Copy Cat

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The Copy Cat Phrase Finder is an invaluable resource for real estate agents, helping to produce great real estate copy, in less time, without the stress.

With just a click of your mouse, pick and choose from thousands of catchy real estate phrases, headings and closings to help you construct compelling property ads.

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What realtors are saying…

Copy Cat has the capacity to cut your real estate advertising writing time down by 85 %. This factor increases in importance, the more listings you have.

Kevin Neill

CRT Real Estate

The Copy Cat produces that elusive phrase that inspires a well written and descriptive advertisement. A noticeable increase in response and less time in the office has made the Copy Cat Phrasefinder an indispensable tool.

Michael Norman

Ray White

As a previous member of the 'Blank Canvas' syndrome with advertising deadlines looming, I was so pleased when The Copy Cat Phrase Finder arrived some years ago. It not only...

Denis West

Janeille Gates Real Estate

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