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The Copy Cat produces that elusive phrase that inspires a well written and descriptive advertisement. A noticeable increase in response and less time in the office has made the Copy Cat Phrasefinder an indispensable tool.

Michael Norman

Ray White, Gosford

I would like to express my congratulations to you for the excellent facility you have developed with The Copy Cat website. It has lifted the quality of my copy and ad writing to no end, not to mention the ease of which it is to use. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their ad or copy writing.

Andrew South

Sales Consultant & Auctioneer
KG Young & Associates

Using Copycat inspires me to come up with the best descriptions for new listings. There is nothing worse than writers block when you have promised your client they would have a fantastic description of their home. Thank you for making my job easier, and I will definitely refer your site to other colleagues.

Doreen Heinbigner

Moose Jaw Properties

Thanks to The Copy Cat, writing interesting property descriptions has become so much easier and a lot more fun!

Kerrie Ryan

Ray White, Killcare Peninsula

We use The Copy Cat for all our advertising copy. It saves us time and always produces a professional result.

Kyle Brand

George Brand Real Estate

Copy Cat has the capacity to cut your advert writing time down by 85 %. This factor increases in importance, the more listings you have.

Kevin Neill

CRT Real Estate

As a previous member of the 'Blank Canvas' syndrome with advertising deadlines looming, I was so pleased when The Copy Cat Phrase Finder arrived some years ago. It not only gave me the 'oomph' that was so badly needed in my ads, it also took the ordeal out of trying to come up with descriptive phrases that did the properties justice. The CCPF is so comprehensive and has so many variations for each feature of the property, every ad looks like an original. If you are good at listing and selling but like many agents, when writing ads struggle to go beyond the basics of just listing the improvements of a home without emotionally connecting with buyers, then CCPF is for you. For what it costs and what it is going to deliver you both in terms of saving time by virtually writing ads for you and increasing buyer enquiry, you have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

Denis West

Janeille Gates Real Estate

The chance to create advertising copy with a bit of extra zing is something agents will no doubt leap on to give them an edge in the cut-throat property world.

The Sunday Telegraph